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Tekno Ice (Zel ice)

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Processors, distributors and exporters of temperature-sensitive products need an economical shipping method that guarantees product quality, safety and appearance. Water and bio-fluids, from ice, other coolants and the product being shipped, combine to cause spoilage through contact with the product itself. Fluid leakage may be detrimental to hygiene standards, cause offensive odors or damage by contamination to other products, and corrosion to the carrying vehicle, particularly in aircraft. Airline companies have recognized this and some have even set guidelines that require an absorbent pad to be included in each shipping package of products that may constitute a potential hazard.

TEKNO-ICE offers an alternative to commonly used coolant products, with added benefits of absorption and humidification capabilities. Ordinary Wet Ice was formerly an integral part of most systems used to control temperature, but the use of ice inevitably leads to the creation of fluids as the ice melts. Moreover, melting rates are difficult to predict and control. Dry ice has been used successfully for many years in air shipment, but its use is increasingly being restricted or prohibited by many airlines. Moreover, it does not offer any absorbency capability.

TEKNO-ICE Maintains uniform temperature
* TEKNO-ICE Absorbs fluid leakage during transport
* TEKNO-ICE Shipped dry to point of use (Keeps freight and storage costs down)
* TEKNO-ICE Does not release water when thawed
* TEKNO-ICE offers a cost-effective means to maintain product quality during shipment
* TEKNO-ICE Reduces or replaces the use of wet ice in the packaging of fresh or live food
* TEKNO -ICE Absorbs and retains unwanted fluids
* TEKNO-ICE Improves the appearance and shelf-life of perishable products
* TEKNO -ICE Helps to maintain humidity levels in packaged, temperature-sensitive products
* TEKNO -ICE Improves the temperature control of packaged goods

This means that perishable, moisture- and temperature-sensitive products can be safely transported by air, or other transport medium, with full assurance that the product will arrive in premium condition. Also that the packaging will remain intact without affecting other cargo or the transporting vehicle.

TEKNO -ICE has been used successfully in the seafood (fresh and live product), meat, poultry, fruit, vegetable and cut flower industries, and in aircraft and shipping containers where moisture or condensation may pose a threat to product presentation or quality. Increasingly, TEKNO - ICE is being chosen for applications in laboratory, medical, veterinary and emergency services operations.

Benefits of TEKNO-ICE In Comparison With Alternative Products i.e. Wet Ice, Gel Ice, Dry Ice

Description of Product & how it Works:

TEKNO –ICE blanket sheets and packs are lightweight, when soaked in clean, potable (drinking quality) water for 15 – 30 minutes or even longer. Warm water may be used, if required, without detriment tothe product and will quicken the rate of uptake. Shake off surplus water. Freeze to at least 20 F. (-7 C.) For most applications it is best to freeze TEKNO -ICE to the lowest possible temperature. Allow 16-24 hours in a properly designed commercial freezer for thorough freezing, provide an efficient refrigerant more effective than ice that keeps perishables cool during shipment . and, when thawed, does not release water into the package or the environment. TEKNO -ICE maintain a low temperature for twice the length of time compared to gel packs because of its ability to achieve "near total coverage of the product". The products should ideally be packed as close to 0°C as is practical, in insulated packaging, packed at 0°C and wrapped in TEKNO -ICE, maintained a temperature below 8°C for over 24 hours during extreme of Summer. TEKNO -ICE is made up of special plastic films/cloth sealed to form small cells. When preparing for freezing, take care to stack sheets or lengths of TEKNO -ICE with the film side down. All sheets should be placed with the film side against the cloth side of the one below. Do not place sheets with cloth against cloth, as they may stick together when frozen. A safe, non-toxic mixture is contained in each cell which, when soaked in water, swells. TEKNO -ICE is then frozen and used as an ice substitute to maintain the temperature of chilled product.


TEKNO -ICE packs provide immediate benefits where live or perishable foods and/or products are
packaged, in transit, or on display. They are inexpensive, light, easy to handle, take up little storage space,
and can even be frozen in a domestic freezer if necessary.

TEKNO -ICE pads may be used to:

* Maintain cool temperatures
* Absorb excess fluids
* Combine both functions simultaneously.
* Assist in maintaining humidity levels, thus helping to prevent loss in product weight through dehydration

* Your products should arrive in top condition every time.

Some applications include:

* Temperature control of live lobsters or crabs during air transit
* Maintaining cool temperatures for fresh products.
* Absorption of bio-fluids excreted from live crustaceans during air transit
* Maintenance of temperature in, and containment of juices from, chilled salmon and other fish species.
* Absorption of juices from fresh, pre-chilled fish, chicken and meat during shipment by air or fast road transport.
* Maintaining temperature during shipment of pathology lab specimens, blood samples, biological, etc.
* Maintaining temperature and humidity (bloom) on fresh flowers.
* Absorption of spillage in laboratories and a wide variety of commercial applications.


Cardboard outer carton with an internal poly-bag, containing of different sizes as per your requirements. TEKNO -ICE is available in blanket sheets or packs. Specific sizes can be produced to suit customer’s applications, subject to minimum quantities. Following is a sample of the product range for your consideration. With sufficient lead time, additional sizes can be produced to suit your package size and usage.

Storage and Handling

TEKNO -ICE should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a dry atmosphere. When not in use, cartons should be kept closed to prevent product contamination from moisture, dust, etc. Before handling TEKNO -ICE, ensure that your hands and all utensils are thoroughly clean and dry.

TEKNO -ICE is non-toxic and can be washed away with fresh water or wiped off, if the cells are
accidentally damaged. The Mixture inside cells are not intended for human consumption. Consequently,
keep the product out of reach of children.


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