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Senso Re-vive *Magic Heater

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Senso Magic Heater  
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The Ultimate SELF Heating Packs for Heat Therapy and General Purposes SENSO MAGIC HEATER heating Packs can provide Instant , Portable and Re-Usable Heat any where , any time like a MAGIC. JUST ABOUT ANY SITUATION LIKE :
i) Relief from back-ache & other body aches.
ii) Relief from muscular pains during / after exercise or other sports activities.
iii)Keep your bed and body warm when used as a bed-warmer.
iv)Relief from Stiff Necks ,Backaches ,Muscle Soreness ,Menstrual Cramps, Hypothermia and many more other situation.
v) COLD COMPRESS: SENSO MAGIC HEATER can be Normal Refrigerated for (0.5 Hours) Cold Therapy in its  Liquid State.
(a)Relief from Fever
(b)Relief from Minor Burns
(c)Relief from Muscular and Body Swelling pains.
(vi)Convenient as a traveling companion
(vii) For the adventurous - can be taken along when going on camping , fishing , mountaineering and other winter leisure’s and sports.

Different Ways To Use The SENSO-MAGIC HEATER

Imagine all of the uses of a heating pad that doesn't have to be plugged in, preheated or filled with hot water. A heat pack that heats to a safe preset temperature and is completely re-usable. Our Incredible Hot Pads can be used for the treatment of sports injuries, arthritis pain, back pain, sore neck, menstrual cramps, toothaches, hypothermia, sprains, growing pains, TMJ, Rainouts Syndrome, or for any of the many ailment where heat will provide relief. The Incredible Hot Pads are also portable so that they may be used to keep you warm while fishing, hunting, scuba diving, wind surfing, snow boarding, skiing, working, watching outdoor events, hiking, camping, kayaking, curling, walking or during any outdoor activity when it's cold. Whether you are using the Incredible Hot Pad as a hand warmer, foot warmer, shoulder or lower back warmer, baby bottle warmer, plate warmer, battery warmer, demonstration of phase change or to melt a frozen pipe - your Incredible Hot Pad will always heat instantly to the same safe preset temperature of 130 degrees F / 54 C.

Advantages over conventional Heat Packs

Heats instantly Safe and non-toxic
* No preparation required
*Excellent stress reliever
*Re-usable hundred of times
*Cools down safe to sleep on Contains a safe food grade salt
*Non electric - no risk of shocks
*Therapeutic - For aches and pains
*Does not require external heat to use
*Completely portable - use it anywhere
*Great for sports, Camping, fishing & the outdoors
*Heats to a safe preset temperature of 130 degrees F / 54 C


SENSO MAGIC HEATERS are convenient as a traveling companion. Our heat packs are completely safe and are designed for all uses. For the adventurous can be taken along when going on camping, fishing, mountaineering and other winter leisure and sports.

The 3" x 4" SENSO Revive Heat Pack is the smallest in size.This is great as a hand warmer and smallest areas.
The 5" x 7 " SENSO Revive Heat Pack is our medium size. Great for relaxing with or removing aches and pains. Can be used to keep food warm or other items.
The 8" x 10 " SENSO Revive Heat Pack is our most popular medium size heat pack. Great for relaxing with or removing aches and pains. Can be used keep foot warm or other items.

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