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Senso x Glov Features

Breast Self Examination Glov
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Ice Pack for Helmet
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SENSO X GLOV is a breast lump detection glove device developed based on science for one hand wearing. SENSO X GLOV’S design enhances sliding motion and reduces the friction produced by finger movement and by increasing finger sensitivity for lumps and unknown needle shape formation. SENSO X GLOV is certified and recommended by prestigious Cancer Hospitals. It’s safe and private, fast and convenient. Carry out regular breast self examination (BSE) to keep health of breasts. Early discovery and treatment are SENSO X GLOV spares you the awkwardness of baring breast for examination. SENSO X GLOV “Breast Lump Detection Glove” remind all women to prevent breast vital. cancer, building the concept of prediction. The product is easy to use, safe, convenient, fast and private. SENSO is a breast lump detection glove device developed based on science X GLOV is convenient to carry and can be used repeatedly.

The most critical clinical symptom of breast cancer is lump detectable to human hands. SENSO X GLOV a highly sensitive breast lump detector glove is able to locate lumps (may be cancerous) in breast as small as the size of sesame or a fine sugar grain. It is fast, convenient, safe and private, allowing early discovery and alerting for treatment without the psychological awkwardness of loosing breast.

SENSO X GLOV is based on the scientific principal of locking and enlarging. Breast Self Exam (BSE) may be carried out in the four steps of pressing, sliding, spiral rotation and pushing with fingers, in a more significant and effective way, SENSO X GLOV enables early detection, keeping lumps from developing into malignant tumors. Remember, it is for you to tell the doctor of any physical irregularity, rather than waiting for the doctor to discover before it is too late.

SENSO X GLOV is a lifesaver to women, one that may benefit many.


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