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Senso Tekno- Mat First Aid

Breast Self Examination Glov
Senso Magic Heater  
Senso Hot & Cool Pak
Tekno-Ice Sheets(Flexible Gel   Ice Sheets)
Free Zel   (Ice Pak)
Ice Pack for Helmet
Breast pads
Tekno-Ice Wrap
Tekno- Mat (First Aid)

Products Features:

This is an ice "blanket" that is made of a series of connected gel packs. You can cut the cells out allowing you to make custom-sized ice pack segments.

Innovative ice blanket remains flexible when frozen for a variety of cooling applications. Non-toxic Aqua-Blue Ice-gel freezes provides consistent cooling power while remaining pliable for easier wrapping. Blanket can be trimmed to custom sizes for use in all types of first aid usage. Reusable ice substitute doesn't create a meltdown mess.

Developed for First Aid and Medical Applications where increased flexibility in "wrap around" applications are required for ankles, wrists, knees etc. Also has "Compact Cut To Size Application” to suit as per body parts. Great for abdominal or muscle pain, spasms, cramps , Relaxes the gut and soothes stress- related IBS symptoms.

Very effective for keeping goods fresh during transportation, for all kinds of biology freezing reagents, medicine, blood plasma, bacteria, seafood, poultry and fresh food Re-usable, non-toxic, washable - Packs can be cut to any size.


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